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How to Apply You Nails Using Gel Tabs

Gel Nail Tab Method

  • Trim your natural nails back to a short length. (Press-On Nails will stay on longer if you don't have long nails underneath) 

  • Using a cuticle stick, gently push back your cuticles to expose all of your nail surface.  Remove any excess cuticle to reveal a smooth nail surface.

  • Lay out your new nails in this order Left Hand - Pinky to Thumb and Right Hand - Thumb to Pinky. 
    Be sure to check them to make sure you've got them in the right order.

  • Size the Gel Nail Tab to fit each nail.

  • Wipe your nails with the alcohol pad to remove any oils.

  • (Optional) If you have some base coat, apply a thin layer over your natural nails to add extra protection, then wipe your nail again with the alcohol wipe to remove any oils.

  • We recommend doing your dominant had first, and leave both thumbs until you've applied your nails to the rest of your fingers.

  • Peel off the the corresponding tab and apply it to your fingernail. 
    Ensure you don't cover the cuticle area.

  • Select the corresponding nail and place it on top of the tab.

  • Press down firmly for approximately 10 seconds. Press from side to side to remove any air bubbles and warm up the gel tab.

How to Remove Your Press-On Nails
Gel Tab Method

N.B...This oil method does not dissolve nail gel tabs.  It softens your natural nail and allows the glue to separate from the natural nail. 

  • Place some oil in a bag.  It needs to be enough oil to cover your nails.  Any oil will work, but we recommend coconut oil for its moisturising qualities.

  • Put the bag in a bowl of warm water (not hot).

  • Soak your fingers in the oil, for between *5-30 minutes (depending on how long your nails have been on).  **If you used liquid nail glue, this process will take 30 minutes or longer.
    The longer the wear, the more time it takes to soak off. 

  • Once you can see that the nails have started to lift, gently use the cuticle stick to encourage the nail to come off. If it won't come off easily, keep on soaking.

  • Do not pull the nail off if it is stuck hard. This will pull layers of your natural nail off with it, and damage your own nails.

  • If there is residue stuck to the press-on nail or your own nail, use the cuticle stick to gently remove it,
    If the glue is stubborn, you can gently buff it off. 

  • To clean your press-on nails, simply rinse them off and dry them. A lint free wipe will help to remove any water marks.  

  • Pamper your nails and hands with some of the oil in the bag, or use some cuticle oil to finish.

  • You can seal the bag with the oil you just used and use it again.  We don't like waste.

  • Return your press-on nails to the packaging to use again.

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