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How to Apply Your Nails Using Solid Nail Glue

Solid Nail Glue Method - GAME CHANGER!

  • Lay out your new nails in this order Left Hand - Pinky to Thumb and Right Hand - Thumb to Pinky. 
    Be sure to check them to make sure you've got them in the right order.

  • Trim your natural nails back to a short length. (Press-On Nails will stay on longer if you don't have long nails underneath) 

  • Using a cuticle stick, gently push back your cuticles to expose all of your nail surface.
    Remove any excess cuticle to reveal a smooth nail surface.

  • Wipe your nails with the alcohol pad to remove any oils.

  • (Optional) If you have some base coat, apply a thin layer over your natural nails to add extra protection, then wipe your nail again with the alcohol wipe to remove any oils.

  • We recommend doing your dominant had first, and leave your thumbs until you've applied your nails to the rest of your fingers.

  • Take a bead of solid glue out of the pot.   

  • Use the wooden cuticle stick (or tool of your choice) to spread the glue on the underside of the nail tip.

  • Press the nail tip firmly onto your fingernail (avoiding the cuticle area).

  • Use your tool of choice to remove the excess solid glue from around the nail.  You can put the excess back in the pot to use next time.

  • Set the glue under an LED UV Lamp for 3 minutes.  All lamps are different so adjust the time accordingly.

How to Remove Your Nails
Sold Nail Glue Method

Solid Nail Glue Method - GAME CHANGER!

  • Spray or drip some Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) on to your nail.  Try to get it under the tip of your nail and around the edges.

  • Use the wooden cuticle stick to gently lift the nail tip off.  If it won't move, add more alcohol.

  • It will come off clean and leave the glue on your nail bed.  Use the cuticle stick and more alcohol  to remove this as well.  It will not be stuck will be like a layer of gel that is easy to remove. 

  • If you do come across some bits of gel that are stuck to your natural nail, gently buff it off.

  • To clean your press-on nails, simply rinse them off and dry them. A lint free wipe will help to remove any water marks.  

  • Return your press-on nails to the packaging to use again.

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