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About Us

Pretty Nails for Everyday or Special Occasions...that won't damage your natural nails.

When I say We or Us, I mean Me.  My name is Sue and I live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. 


'I Like Those Nails' was born during a time when wearing makeup was difficult, due to wearing face-masks (if you know, you know).  I still wanted to show my style, so I showed off my nails.  But the reality was, I work in the Health Sector, and I can't have painted or decorated nails at work.  So...I would do my nails on a Friday and remove them again on a Sunday, before I went back to work.  Guess what happened?  I ruined by natural nail beds from constant soaking in Acetone and filing. 


Then I decided to try Press-On Nails (Stick-On or Fake Nails...all the same thing). The store bought nails were thin and didn't have any WOW factor.  They were flimsy, had sharp edges and only came in a few colours and shapes. I found myself throwing them away after the first or second wear because they had split or deteriorated.


So...I started making my own.  Through many months of trial and error, I came up with the winning solution.  I called it, 'I Like Those Nails'.  I'd like to share my nails with you, too.  We are fully inclusive of anyone who wants to have pretty nails.  No matter if you identify as she/her or him/he...they look amazing on everyone.


I hope you like them as much as I do.  Enjoy! 

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