10 Handcrafted Gel nails in 2 complimentary colours, with a Mandela Foil and single bead highlight.. 

Mandela styles will vary according to the colour you choose.

Please note that the colour is a true torquoise, rathern than the blue that shows in the images.


Turquoise Mandela

  • Set of 10 individual Nails

    All nail designs are handcrafted.  This means that no two nails, or nail sets, are alike.  Slight imperfections may be evident, because they are made by hand, and not by a machine.

    All nails have been filed on the underside to assist with adhearing to your natural nail.

    'I Like Your Nails' only recommends using Nail Tabs to adhear your Press-On Nails, as they minimise damage to your natural nail bed, when used as recommended.