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Buy them Once and RE-USE them AGAIN & AGAIN

'I Like Those Nails' is an Australian owned, Online, Custom, Press-On Nail Business, that makes wearing nice nails, easy. 

Best of all, they won't damage your natural nails and you can re-use them.

It's easy...You choose your design, measure your nail beds, and then we make them and then mail them out to you.

Why do you have to measure your nail beds?

Because we are all individual and one size does not fit all.  By measuring your nails, you can ensure that when your nails arrive, they will fit you. 


Near enough is never good enough, for us.

About Us

Nails for Every Occasion...without damaging your natural nails

I Like Those Nails is an Australian owned, online store, that creates handcrafted, press-on Nails that you can wear for a special occasion or for 1-2 weeks at a time.  We’re a local Sunshine Coast business, that sources supplies from other local businesses, wherever possible. 

All of our Press-On Nails are custom made from Soft Gel Extensions, with the exception of our X-Small/ Petite sets, that are made of Polymer.

All sets are made to order, so you get exactly what you're looking for. Choose from our designs or request a Custom Set and we'll get back to you with the details.

Our online business strives to ensure you receive a quality product every time; that's why we ask you to measure your nail beds and send us your sizing, so we can ensure that your nails will fit you, perfectly.  Keep in mind, that our designs are hand made, so no two nails or nail sets will be exactly the same;  some slight imperfections may be present.  Image colours in our shop may also differ slightly, due to camera lighting and individual screen resolutions.

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